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About Your Visit

What you should do prior to your appointment at Arizona Sinus Center

  • Complete your health history form
  • Ask your referring doctor or primary care doctor to fax records to our office (602) 256-0820
  • Pick up digital copies (CD or USB storage device) of your imaging studies (CT scan, MRI) and bring them to your visit or confirm that these images have been sent to our office
  • *Our doctors like to review these imaging studies with their own eyes therefore the reports alone will not suffice!

Patient Office Forms

What you should bring to your appointment at Arizona Sinus Center

  • Health Insurance Card/Information
  • A list of all medications you are taking
  • A list of your questions /concerns
  • A copy of your XRAYS, CT scan, and/or MRI (not the reports - get the actual films or cd)
  • Copies of records from doctors related to your ear, nose and throat problems

Professionalism, Precision, Pride… Knowing what to expect during your evaluation with us at Arizona Sinus Center will allow you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the visit. After being greeted at the front desk and initiating your electronic medical record, one of our staff members will assist you to an exam room. There, a detailed medical history will be accomplished through both a review of your health record and a personal interview. Copies of test results, imaging reports and previous medical or surgical treatment will be scanned into your chart for your doctor to review.

You will then meet your doctor, who will discuss your complaints, confirm your medical history and personally review your previous records. All of your pertinent digital imaging studies will be loaded onto a computer and reviewed in detail. A full ear, nose, throat and neck exam will be performed. When indicated, numbing spray is applied to the nasal and throat tissues and nasal endoscopy (viewing your nose and sinus drainage passages with a telescope) or laryngoscopy (viewing your lower throat and vocal cords with a telescope) are performed. Our video endoscopy set-up allows you to see what the physician sees during your exam. This is an excellent opportunity for our doctors to point out abnormalities and for you to ask questions. Your suspected diagnosis or clinical problem will be discussed and all of your questions answered. In latin, “doctor” means “teacher”. We take this word origin literally and we expect you to leave the office educated on your condition. Additionally, you will leave with a written visit summary detailing your condition or suspected diagnosis, tests recommended, prescriptions written, suggested consultations and suggested reading. Often, your doctor or a member of our staff will provide you with literature to review prior to your follow-up visit. Correspondence is often sent to your referring physician or your primary care physician.

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