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PROPEL™ - Sinus Implant for Chronic Sinusitis



The PROPEL™ system has been clinically proven to prevent obstruction of the ethmoid sinus following surgery. Obstruction can occur due to recurrent scarring and inflammation. The result is improved post-operative outcomes, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures and systemic steroids that can have serious side effects.

Inserted by a one of our Sinus Experts at Arizona Sinus Center physicians to maintain the surgical opening, the spring-like implant expands to prop open the ethmoid sinus and gradually delivers an advanced corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory properties directly to the sinus lining where it's needed most as the implant dissolves.

Normal Sinus vs. Sinusitis on the Right

Sinusitis vs normal sinus


How PROPEL™ Works

How Propel for the Sinuses work

PROPEL™ Video Animation


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Arizona Sinus Center and Dr. Ryan Rehl In The News

Dr. Ryan Rehl was interviewed by CBS in Phoenix. A ear, nose and throat doctor at the Arizona Sinus Center Phoenix is now putting these in patients on a regular basis. The device is called Propel.

It's an innovative FDA-approved medical device that's inserted following a sinus procedure.

The spring-like stent expands to prop open the sinus and gradually delivers an advanced steroid with anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the sinus lining, where it's needed most.

Dr. Rehl In The News - Watch Video

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