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The Arizona Sinus Center was established in Phoenix in 2007. Our goal is simple: to be the Southwest’s center of excellence dedicated to the care of nasal and sinus disorders. The dry climate and air quality in the Phoenix Valley have resulted in a large number of individuals suffering from chronic sinusitis.

The Arizona Sinus Center, the first of its kind in the state, is committed to helping these patients find relief. The center also handles sino-nasal tumors, anterior skull base defects, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, facial and sinus trauma, severe nose bleeds, obstructed nasal breathing, nasal and septal deformities, and conditions requiring endoscopic orbital decompression surgery.

Our patients are evaluated and treated by a fellowship-trained rhinologist (nasal and sinus sub-specialist) and the support staff of the Arizona Sinus Center have extensive experience in the medical and surgical treatment of difficult sino-nasal disorders. Our focus throughout the evaluation and treatment process is on patient education.

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