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In-Office Sinus CT Scan

In Office Sinus CT Scan Arizona Sinus CenterOn occasion your physician may request a CT scan (CAT scan) of your sinuses to further evaluate your nasal and sinus symptoms and determine the best treatment plan. At Arizona Sinus Center we offer convenient in-office CT scans. Avoid scheduling hassles and waiting at hospitals or imaging centers by having the CT scan completed in the comfort of your doctor’s office. Our CT scan takes 20 seconds to perform and allows the patient to be seated upright in an open format scanner (there is no confining tube or donut shaped apparatus to pass through). Our scanning protocol provides extremely detailed images that allow diagnosis of complex and subtle sinus conditions. Additionally, the in-office CT scanner here at Arizona Sinus Center results in 80% less radiation exposure than a conventional CT scanner at the imaging center or hospital. The radiation exposure a patient receives from our in-office CT scan is actually the same dose that would be received from a chest x-ray. This is equal to the amount of radiation exposure that the average person receives from normally occurring background radiation on earth over the course of 10 days. We all have exposure to background radiation daily from cosmic rays, radon and other normally occurring radioactive materials in and on the earth.


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