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Thank you for trusting Arizona Sinus Center and Valley ENT with your healthcare. We strive to provide the best care and information for our Patients. We remain ready to help you with your ongoing nasal and sinus care needs in person or via telemedicine evaluation. See important updates regarding our clinical services below and keep in mind that additional up to date COVID19 information is available from the CDC ( and the Arizona Department of Public Health (

Valley ENT-Arizona Sinus Center is currently providing appointments for your nasal and sinus conditions in our offices or via telemedicine.  Call us at (602) 258-9859 to determine if your problem is best evaluated in-person or via telemedicine.  If you are being treated with chemotherapy or immunosuppressive medications, have diabetes, heart or lung disease please inquire whether your appointment should be in-person or via telemedicine.


Full COVID-19 Medical Advisory Protocols

Arizona Sinus Center - A Division of Valley ENT, your specialists in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Our center strives to be the premier source for ear, nose, throat, and advanced sinus care with a focus on patient education. Our physicians use the latest technology and medical therapy to diagnose and manage your ear, nose or throat condition. We take pride in constantly refining technical skills and continued learning in an effort to advance our field. Our goal is to educate patients about the disease process first. We believe that making the patient or parent an active participant in the planning of the treatment results in higher patient satisfaction and the best medical and surgical outcomes. Our award winning physicians are sincerely committed to improving the well being of each patient that walks through our doors.

Arizona Sinus Center and Dr. Ryan Rehl In The News

Dr. Ryan Rehl was interviewed by CBS in Phoenix. A ear, nose and throat doctor at the Arizona Sinus Center Phoenix is now putting these in patients on a regular basis. The device is called Propel.

It's an innovative FDA-approved medical device that's inserted following a sinus procedure.

The spring-like stent expands to prop open the sinus and gradually delivers an advanced steroid with anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the sinus lining, where it's needed most.

Dr. Rehl In The News - Watch Video

Dr. Rehl and Dr. Haegen continue commitment to teaching at the annual ENT Update for the Primary Care Provider conferences

Valley ENT in conjunction with HonorHealth offers an annual continuing medical education conference for Phoenix Metro area primary care practitioners entitled “ENT Update for the Primary Care Provider.”  Dr. Rehl, CME Chair for Valley ENT, helps organize the course which is held annually on a Saturday in late October at HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center.  The most recent course was held October 26, 2019.  Our next ENT Update course will be held Saturday October 24, 2020.  Registration details can be found at

The conference is generally well attended with over 100 primary care providers joining us for a morning of great lectures and discussion. The day kicks off with breakfast at 7:30 am and is followed by lectures and a panel on ear, nose and throat maladies often encountered by primary care physicians and nurse practitioners. Topics covered in the past include acute and chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches, ENT emergencies in the primary care clinic, hoarseness, chronic cough, dizziness, ear aches, sleep apnea, allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, hearing loss, hearing aids, vitamin D and ENT disorders, thyroid nodules, HPV related oral cavity and oropharyngeal disorders, tonsillitis, sore throat, otitis media and evaluation of neck masses.

Valley ENT would like to thank the HonorHealth CME committee and HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center for the opportunity to put on this fantastic educational opportunity. Special thanks go to our past and future speakers: Dr. A.J. Emami, Dr. Timothy Haegen, Dr. Lindsay Shroyer, Dr. Kelly Hernandez, Dr. Todd Hobgood, Dr. Timothy Kelsch, Dr. Jordan Weiner, Dr. Cheryl MacKechnie, Dr. Natacia Howard, Dr. Raquel Redtfeldt, Dr. Dan Hurley, Dr. Yvonne Richardson, Dr. Michael Fucci, Dr. Jodi Rubin,  and Dr. Ryan Rehl. We would like to acknowledge Glen Randolph, Greg Robinson and Tom Tucker for the fantastic administrative support that has helped make the conferences such a success year after year.  

Here are some of the lectures by Dr. Rehl and Dr. Haegen that were delivered at past ENT Update for the Primary Care Provider conferences.

Dr. Rehl’s 10 TIPS For Sinus and Respiratory Health This Fall and Winter

The time of year is upon us when blistering heat and monsoon winds give way to peaceful sunny 75 degree days.  With the change of seasons come a multitude of challenges for the nose, sinuses and lungs.  Allergens, dust, air pollution, particulate matter in the air, changes in barometric pressure and respiratory viruses can all wreak havoc on our respiratory systems leading to nasal congestion, post nasal drainage, cough, wheezing, fatigue and eventually sinusitis and bronchitis.  The following 10 tips can help keep your nose, sinuses and lungs healthy this fall and winter.

10 TIPS for Sinus and Respiratory Health

Procedure Highlights

Your nasal and sinus complaints will be fully evaluated by a fellowship-trained rhinologist (nasal and sinus sub-specialist). The latest technology and medical therapy will be used to diagnose and manage your nasal and sinus condition. Your visit will include a full ear, nose, throat , head and neck exam. If necessary, video endoscopy of the nasal cavity, sinus drainage pathways and throat can be performed. Cultures are often performed for chronic infection.

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The PROPEL™ system has been clinically proven to prevent obstruction of the ethmoid sinus following surgery. Obstruction can occur due to recurrent scarring and inflammation. The result is improved post-operative outcomes, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures and systemic steroids that can have serious side effects.

Learn more about PROPEL™

The PolypVac is an FDA-cleared, safe, clinically proven technology that allows doctors to remove nasal polyps during either a routine visit or a conveniently scheduled office appointment, without general anesthesia.

Learn more about PolypVac Nasal Polyp Removal

At Arizona Sinus Center we offer convenient in-office CT scans. Avoid scheduling hassles and waiting at hospitals or imaging centers by having the CT scan completed in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

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Nasal obstruction can cause diminished sense of smell and taste, nasal congestion, dry mouth, chronic sore throat, dental decay, halitosis, decreased exercise tolerance and changes in voice.  Nasal obstruction can have many causes including:  turbinate enlargement, septal deviation, nasal polyps, adenoid enlargement, collapse of external nasal structures, thick mucous, and least likely, tumors.

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is a minimally invasive technique in which sinus drainage pathways are opened with the assistance of small endoscopes and delicate curved or angled instruments.

Learn more about Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Balloon catheters can be utilized during endoscopic sinus surgery to dilate and open sinus drainage pathways.  These devices are generally less traumatic to nasal and sinus tissue than standard instrumentation.  Benefits may include decreased pain, recovery time and bleeding after sinus surgery.  Most commonly, patients require a combination of  balloon catheter dilation and rigid sinus instrumentation for optimal post-operative symptom reduction. 

Learn more about Balloon Sinus Dilation

Nasal Polyps Expert Doctors United States

Destination Medicine and Nasal Polyp Solutions at the Arizona Sinus Center

Information for international visitors

We welcome visiting patients from Mexico and Canada looking for same day, in-office evaluation and treatment of nasal polyps. Have you been diagnosed with nasal polyps? Do you suffer from nasal congestion and diminished sense of smell? Have you had difficulty locating a sinus specialist in your area that offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of nasal polyps? If the answer to these questions is yes, consider contacting our referral coordinator, Tracy (602) 258-9859, to arrange a comprehensive evaluation with one of our fellowship-trained sinus specialists.

México y Canadá en busca de una cita de evaluación en el consultorio y el tratamiento de pólipos nasals el mismo dia. ¿Ha sido diagnosticado con pólipos nasales? ¿Usted sufre de la congestión nasal y la disminución del sentido del olfato? ¿Ha tenido dificultad para localizar un especialista de seno en su área que ofrece evaluación integral y el tratamiento de pólipos nasales? Si la respuesta a estas preguntas es sí, contacte con nuestro coordinador de la remisión, Tracy (602) 258-9859

For International Patients - Nasal Polyp Removal

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